P. Michael Henderson

Over the years, I've done a number of tutorials on different subjects, some as web pages and some as PDFs.  To see a tutorial, click on the picture or the link.

Making new handles for construction chisels.

  Avocado wood Bench.

  Building the Bee Vacuum (Version 3)

  Making handles for a draw knife.

Making a simple end table.

   Making a Wahoo Game Board (also known as Aggravation)

  This is an updated tutorial on making a jewelry box.

  Making the Bee Vacuum, Version two

  Making Full-Blind Dovetails (also known as Double Lap Dovetails)

  Making a secret miter dovetail

  A bee Vacuum Design, Version one

 Replacing the handle on a Knew Concepts 5" Fret Saw


  Making a Basic Jewelry Box

 Building a Top Frame Beehive

Sharpening Chisels

  Making and laying Louis cubes

Using the filetti guide.

Evaluation of a Lee Valley PM-V11 chisel

 Installing Quadrant Hinges without a Router

  Making a Step Stool

Making a Rectangular Serving Tray.

Making an Eight Sided Serving Tray.

Through Dovetails Making hand-cut through dovetails

Half-blind dovetails Making hand-cut half-blind dovetails

  Replacing the handles on Japanese chisels

Cauls Making cauls for use in a glue up (web page)

Plane hammer Making a small brass hammer (web page).  Also available in PDF.

Offset Mallet Making an Offset Mallet (web page)

Carving a flower Carving a Simple Flower (web page)

The "Square Flower" Carving a "Square Flower" (web page)

Simple Shell  Carving a Simple Shell (web page)

Second Shell Carving the Second Shell (web page)

Complex shell Carving a Complex Shell (web page)

Simple fan Carving a Simple Early American Fan (web page).

Compass Rose 1 Making a veneer compass rose (PDF)

Veneer Compass Rose 2 Making a different veneer compass rose (web page)

Sand shaded fan Making a veneer sand shaded fan (PDF)

Veneer templates Making templates for a veneer sunburst table (PDF)

Companion Excel spreadsheet to the template article (.xls)

While not a tutorial, here's the Owner's Manual and Parts List for a Dremel Model 1671 Type 2 Scroll Saw.  It's an older scroll saw and people may buy one and not have a manual for it.

Here is the instruction manual for this Collett Engineering complex dovetail marker.

  And here's a manual for the Hawk Ultra 226VS scroll saw.

Sharpening disk Making a sharpening disk to sharpen carving tools (web page)

Gumbo Making south Louisiana gumbo (web page).

Creole jambalaya Making Creole Jambalaya (web page)

How to make the best home-made tomato soup (web page)

Peaches and Cream Dessert (web page)

Any questions, please e-mail me at mike@mikes-woodwork.com  

And you can see some of my woodwork here.